Perfect Kickstarters: Soups & Breads


This book is amazing because it gives a hand in the start of an easy and healthy journey.

Start simple with these very feasible and non intimidating recipes.

Most people love soup and bread. Regardless of how our way of eating has changed over the decades, these two will never get out of style. Soups are easy to make, satisfying to taste, convenient to store, and are the go-to-food when it gets to feeding the sick. It is even mentioned in stories from the Biblical times. Remember Jacob feeding his brother the memorable lentil soup? The best restorative food, for generations, instinctively people made it for the healing purposes. Until today, this common wisdom has not changed: soup, accompanied by a piece of hardy whole grain bread is the most nourishing, restorative, light, and easy to digest food for the sick and the healthy alike.

The skill of making delicious soup isn’t hard to acquire. Intuitively, we know that in the winter we prefer hot and hearty soups and stews. We crave the warming energy of garlic and ginger added to them. In the spring, the natural desire to lighten up takes over and we crave greens and sour tastes. That’s when fermented soups, like miso  and barley-pickle soup, as well as soups with lots of greens and sprouts with a touch of lemony taste are so appealing. Summer comes and we love chilled cucumber soup or cold beet borscht. And as the energy of the earth settles down and moves into the golden fall, we really appreciate the wonderful comfort of the creamy pureed soups with the taste of pumpkins and squashes. And regardless of the season, our children, just like us, are always up for a variety of fun soups with noodles.

This booklet offers you  a few wonderful recipes that may become the new favorite foods for your family. It encourages you to learn how to incorporate a variety of  low-fat, plant-based ingredients, like whole grains, legumes, roots, ground-, and leafy vegetables, as well as fresh and dried herbs, to create the most appealing, tasty, and extremely beneficial for your health soups and breads.

“For someone who is scared of the kitchen, these recipes really changed my opinion on the ease of healthy eating. Great work Victoria! I’m buying these books as birthday gifts. ”

“I love the recipes! Especially the Creamy Mung Bean Soup, my friends and I can’t get enough of it! Totally recommend the book.”

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These recipes are made for a wide range of cooks, whether you’re a beginner or advanced, these are very easy recipes to follow.


The best thing about these recipes are that they are very fast to cook. Preparation times are kept to a minimum, knowing that most of you have a family and are most likely have busy lives.


Each one of these recipes is designed to bring about proven results. We all strive for guilt free – which is exactly what is delivered to you in this book.

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