Meet Victoria

As a young woman Victoria Barayev felt that her calling was to help people.  She began her journey by obtaining an MA in Psychology from the Tashkent State University in the Former Soviet Union.  Upon graduation, Victoria moved to the United States where she continued her path by steering towards the holistic approach and spent several years as a holistic skin care consultant.  As a young mother, Victoriabegan to struggle with her own health.  Constant medical problems resulted in weekly doctor’s visits.  At the age of thirty, she already suffered from a duodenal ulcer, hypothyrodism, interstitial cystitis and multiple debilitating pains in her bones and muscles, the nature of which remained undiagnosed.  Victoria, a mother of three, made a firm decision that she must regain her strength and vitality; and after much research she understood that holistic healing and nutrition were her only hope. 



Upon discovering the holistic way of understanding health and nutrition, she began to prepare meals and home remedies for herself and her family.  Within a short period of time, both Victoria and her husband Simon noticed significant improvements in their health.  Victoria was able to restore her energy and get rid of many aches and pains.  Simon lost 80 pounds of excess weight.  Among his health problems that disappeared in almost no time were severe asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, constant headaches, and multiple lipomas all over his body.  Victoria was inspired with the positive changes that began to take place in her body almost immediately and continued to study the great life and philosophy at the Kushi Institute with respected natural foods experts.  She studied oriental face and body diagnosis, shiatsu massage, holistic healing and nutrition.  


Inspired by the results in her own family, Victoria began to reach out to family and friends to help improve their quality of life.  She continued to educate herself and began to offer her services to others.  Victoria’s proclivity for natural healing emulated through her food and passion for creative foods that are nourishing and pleasing.  Her kind and gentle approach to teaching and life as a whole gave people confidence that they too could live a more fulfilling life.  The results of her extreme passion for helping others and her unwavering belief in the  holistic way of living began to breed astonishing results. 


Today, as a Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor and an educator, an author, a whole foods chef, and a mother of four, Victoria successfully provides people with guidance and support by offering private health consultations, cooking classes, and teaches at various establishments throughout Georgia. Victoria believes that food can heal the soul, so she embarked upon a journey to help transform the world and improve people’s health; it is her mission of love and caring.

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