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We Don't Have To Die Of Heart Disease.

Totally preventable and reversible, according to the well-known Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, heart disease doesn’t have to kill almost a million people every year. Watch this compelling interview with Dr. Michael Balk of St. Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta and make conclusions!


Crohn's Disease. Interview with Virginia Harper, Part 1.

The quote “Never Place A Period Where God Has Placed A Comma” is exactly about our special guest at @The Health Wave / На Волне Здоровья, a well-known macrobiotic counselor, the author of “Controlling Crohn’s Disease The Natural Way”, the founder of “YOU CAN HEAL YOU” in Nashville, Tennessee, Virginia Harper!


Heart Attack That Made Me Stronger.

How often do you meet someone who went against the odds and created an incredible recovery story?! We love those stories, especially when it gets to fighting the major killer of men and women in the US, heart disease! Meet Doug Schmidt and his phenomenal wife and partner in everything he does, Shari!


Andrew Taylor ate nothing but potatoes for year, Part 1

Three years ago the story of the Spud Fit Man went viral worldwide. Tune in for this fascinating talk with our special guest from Australia, Andrew Taylor.


Autism In Perspective

Paradox, but making informed decisions in the times of the information glut becomes harder and harder. And it gets most challenging when making informed health related decisions.What to trust? Who to believe?


Rasing Healthy Children. Part 1 with Dr. Michael Klaper

Of all the gifts we can give to our children, teaching them how to earn health is one of the most prescious ones! If we own that knowledge! Although many competent parents feel they have a pretty good grasp on it, often for them it can be challenging too.

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